The Northern Spire will help bring major economic and regeneration benefits to Sunderland and the wider Tyne & Wear region.

Economic studies indicate that every £1 invested in the project will result in £4.80 of economic benefit to the area.

When linked with the wider improvements planned for the road network as part of the Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor, the Northern Spire will be a key economic driver for growth in Sunderland over the next decade.

It will:

•   Help create 6,000 new jobs at development sites like the former Vaux site, the old Groves Cranes site and Hylton Park along the riverside corridor in Sunderland
•   Establish a strategic public transport corridor connecting Washington, Nissan, the new Enterprise Zones and the A19 with the city centre and the Port of Sunderland
•   Relieve congestion on and allow enhanced priority for public transport and cyclists across the Wearmouth and Queen Alexandra bridges
•   Make a major contribution to the regeneration of the city centre and the Port of Sunderland
•   Reduce journey times and improve journey time reliability for people travelling by car, public transport and by bike on routes across the city
•   Open up the Metro to thousands of residents and workers in the Castletown area who will be a short walk across the river from Pallion Metro station
•   Improve journey times along the existing A1231 Wessington Way by reducing the number of roundabouts and improving the road surface