Free car parking for essential workers and shopping
All car parking charges are now suspended
Social distancing - do it
Social distancing is being followed at City Council meetings.
More Highways Investment
The next round of highways maintenance and resurfacing works has been agreed.
New household waste and recycling centre (HWRC) plans
Here's more information and news about the recycling centre move.
Engineering the Future
City student is the North East case study for the new T-levels.
Sunderland COVID-19 Statement
Statement from Gillian Gibson, Director of Public Health at Sunderland City Council
Raising the Commonwealth flag
The Commonwealth Flag was raised over Sunderland Civic Centre to mark Commonwealth Day.
Grangetown Roundabout resurfacing
To help minimise traffic disruption, there's resurfacing works at the Grangetown Roundabout this Sunday, and on Sunday 15 and Sunday 22 March.
£13,000 bill for dishonest claim
Judge orders resident to pay £13,000 because of dishonest claim.
Budget meeting and vote
Next year's budget has been debated and backed in the council chamber.