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Bulky waste collection

Remember - you can take many items to the Household waste and recycling centre (HWRC) to be disposed of free of charge.

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Bulky waste

We can collect bulky waste items from your address. The charge for this service is £10 for up to 6 items.

We have introduced a ward based collection service for the bulky waste collection service. This means each ward in the city is to have an allocated collection day for bulky waste items. This new system will improve the service collection times for residents, improve service efficiencies and have a positive environmental impact through reducing our carbon footprint by reducing travelling times for vehicles.

If you are requesting a bulky waste collection from us a number of restrictions apply:

  • No more than six items will be collected during each visit. For example, a three-piece suite counts as three items; a dining table and four chair counts as five items
  • The collection team will only remove the items stated on your request. We want to make sure that we only take what you want us to. If there are items not listed on your request we may take photos to support any queries about your collection

Please note if you have asbestos or other potentially hazardous material to dispose of then please contact the City and neighbourhood team.

On the day of collection:

  • Please help us by placing the items for collection on your property as close as possible to where the collection vehicle will park to collect them. You must make sure that our collection team can access your property to remove the waste items
  • Please place your items from 7.30am on the day of collection, your items will be collection between 7.30am and 5pm
  • We might collect your white goods or electrical equipment separately from non-recyclable items

There are a few simple dos and don'ts to support our collection:


  • Leave the specified items together neatly in the same place so it's clear to the staff which items should be removed
  • Ensure loose items are safely and securely bundled together
  • Where possible ensure items with sharp edges are made safe
  • Keep access points clear on the day of collection
  • Ensure waste is presented correctly and safely and in an accessible place for both the crew and vehicle. We reserve the right to reject the request on arrival should the items be in a location that prevents the crews from safely removing the items


  • Overfill refuse sacks or boxes left for collection with heavy items that prevent the crews from safely lifting them
  • Add items not specified for collection alongside paid items

Before requesting a collection, please ensure that you have read and accepted our privacy policy, terms and conditions.

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Changes to your Collection:

If you need to make any changes to your collection, to add or remove items you need to contact the City and neighbourhood team.

Please check the latest date for changes in the table below.

Day of collectionLast day for change
MondayNo collections made
TuesdayFriday before 11am
WednesdayTuesday before 11am
ThursdayWednesday before 11am
FridayThursday before 11am

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