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BREEZ - Business Renewables Energy Efficiency Sunderland

In addition to COVID-19 related support, the council is working with SMEs to reduce their energy costs via a European Regional Development Fund project - BREEZ - Business Renewables Energy Efficiency Sunderland.  As part of the project, SMEs are provided with a fully funded energy audit/energy savings opportunities report setting out recommended energy-saving measures, indicative upfront costs and the return of investment period from the reduction in energy bills. SMEs may also qualify for 50% grant funding towards the cost of installing the recommended measures. Typically, the scheme offers funding towards microgeneration (for example photovoltaics), insulation, heating upgrades and LED lighting.

The programme has effectively engaged with a total of 74 SMEs to date, with 10 projects completed. A further 11 businesses are currently installing energy efficient measures and a further 20 are undergoing the quoting process.

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