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Managing our drainage assets


Sunderland City Council operations team undertake regular maintenance on road gullies and culvert screens (in the land ownership of Sunderland City Council). At present gullies are checked and if required, cleaned once every 2 years and screens are cleaned twice per year. In some locations a more proactive approach is taken. Typically cleansing is undertaken in March and October.

We are responsible for maintaining and carrying out drainage repairs to all council owned buildings.

The service is available to private businesses and residential properties and is managed by a small team with experience and knowledge of the city's drainage systems. It is noted for its rapid and efficient response.

Any drainage within the boundary of the property may fall within Northumbrian Water's if it is shared with adjoining properties. Any connections or alterations to the shared drain may need to be carried out by Northumbrian Water's approved contractors. The owner of the property and their contractor are strongly advised to contact Northumbrian Water Limited to seek further clarification.

Will Sunderland City Council clear blocked drains?

Gentoo tenants should contact 0191 525 5000. Private tenants should contact their landlord. Sunderland City Council offer a very competitively priced drainage service, which can be requested by contacting the City and neighbourhood team.

Why does my Council tax not cover me for the upkeep of drains?

We do not own any drains or sewers, except those serving their own premises. We are responsible for highway drainage, but this is separate from drainage of buildings.

How can I reduce the possibility of further blockages?

If you want information on how to reduce possible blockages you should contact Northumbrian Water.

What do I do if a road gully is blocked?

All road gullies on the Public Highway are the responsibility of the Highways Authority at Sunderland City Council to maintain. Should you find that a street gully has become blocked, please contact the City and neighbourhood team.

Report a problem with a drain, gully or manhole cover

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