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Changes and increases to help existing benefit claimants

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) provide reliable up to date information.

Benefits information from GOV.UK

Universal Credit

If you are sanctioned support is available, please contact for help.

The £20 per week boost to Universal Credit has stopped. It is important that claimants understand - for help and support go to The Money and Pensions Service.

The Universal Credit higher surplus earnings threshold is designed to ignore a certain amount of unusual higher income in one month. The present amount of £2,500 will continue till April 2022 when it will drop to £300.

Universal Credit claimants can now access British Sign Language interpreters as part of a free video relay service.

Broadband Service for those claiming Universal Credit

If you are struggling to pay for broadband charges, support maybe available.

Broadband for people on benefits | How to get cheap broadband on Universal Credit (

Universal Credit - GOV.UK (

Other Providers are looking at similar deals, so contact your Provider to find out more.

Pension and Disability Benefit claimants to get a Christmas bonus

People who receive pension or disability benefits will receive a tax-free Christmas bonus of £10. The payment will be made before 25 December, and paid directly to customers' bank or building society. Letters will be sent out by the department to inform people when they will receive their £10 bonus.

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