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Manage Universal Credit

You will need to attend appointments with the DWP and keep to your Claimant Commitment to keep getting paid Universal Credit (UC).  You also need to inform the DWP of changes in your circumstances or income to prevent being under or overpaid.

To keep receiving your benefits you must...

Attend your appointments

  • Remember you must attend your face to face appointments with DWP.  If an emergency occurs and you really can't make an appointment contact them and explain as soon as you can

Keep to your Claimant Commitment

Your Claimant Commitment will set out what you have agreed to do to prepare for and look for work, or to increase your earnings if you are already working. It will be based on your personal circumstances and will be reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis. Each time it is updated, you will need to accept a new Claimant Commitment to keep receiving UC.

  • You must keep to the terms of your Claimant Commitment- failure could result in your payments stopping
  • If you have a partner they will have their own Claimant Commitment.

These agreements cover your own responsibilities in return for getting UC based on your own situations - you can ask for them to be changed if your circumstances also change. Further information can be found via the link below. 

Report any changes link

These could be for example if a partner moves into or leaves your household or if your income increases / decreases.

Your UC payment may be different each month if your circumstances / income change.

You may get little or no UC if you get more than normal payments (for example 2 sets of 4 weekly wages in the same month).

Keep your online account up to date

Remember the DWP will use your account as a way to contact you so you should check it at least daily - and you can use this to let them know about any changes.

Sign in to your Universal Credit account to:

  • see your statement
  • report a change in circumstances
  • add a note to your journal
  • see your to-do list
  • see when your next payment will be
  • see your Claimant Commitment

You need the username and password you set up when you applied for Universal Credit. If you don't have these details contact your work coach using the Jobcentre link.

Find information on your local services through Sunderland Information Point link.

Further useful information can be found within our desk aid (pdf) and key messages (pdf) documents.

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