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Drugs and alcohol

Drugs and alcohol can have a major impact on the health and lives of people who use them, as well as on their family, friends, work colleagues and the community as a whole.

While drinking some alcohol responsibly is generally considered to be fine, excessive use and binge drinking are responsible for a growing number of health related problems in the UK.

Do you know how much you're drinking?

The latest guidelines from the Chief Medical Officer recommend that men and women do not regularly drink more than 14 units of alcohol per week. Find out further information about the guidelines.

Regular drinking more than this can increase health risks.  One You has information about alcohol, it's effects and apps to help you track what you're drinking and take control.

Help and support

If you or someone you know is experiencing problems with drugs and alcohol, Wear Recovery -Sunderland Integrated Drug and Alcohol Service can help. You can contact the service directly or ask a GP or another professional to do it for you.

Sunderland's Youth Drug and Alcohol Project (YDAP) is available for young people aged 10-18 who require specialist advice and support relating to drugs or alcohol.


If you would like further information, you may find the links below useful:

NHS Choices - Alcohol misuse - information about the harmful effects of alcohol

NHS Choices - Alcohol in pregnancy - information about the dangers of drinking alcohol when pregnant

Talk to Frank - facts and advice on drug and substance misuse

Balance North East - working to reduce alcohol use across the North East

Dry January - give yourself a break from the booze for a month

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