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Noise from licensed premises

If you are experiencing problems from a licensed premises, in the first instance we advise that you try and inform the company causing the issue directly to see if a resolution can be found informally.  Often they are grateful for contact from individuals/residents associations in order to give them an opportunity to address the issues and allow you to reach a compromise between them running their business and your enjoyment of your property. 

Under the Licensing Act 2003  any local resident or business owner can request the review of a premises licence if it is felt that any of the licensing objectives are not being upheld in relation to the premises. As a result of any review that may take place, additional conditions, changes in licensable activities or a restriction in a premises operating hours may be imposed.  

If you are experiencing crime and disorder from a licensed premise, please contact Northumbria Police.

Contact our City and neighbourhood team for further information or to report the noise nuisance.

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