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Registering as a place of marriage

Under the provisions of the Places of Worship Registration Act 1855, a congregation may apply for a place of worship to become a place where marriages can be solemnised.

The congregation needs to complete two copies (not photocopies) of Form 78.

This should be dealt with if possible, together with the original application for a place of worship. However it can only be requested after the date of the certification of the building as a place of worship.

Form 78 requires the signatures of 20 separate householders who say the building is their usual place of worship and that they desire it to be registered for the solemnisation of marriages.

A statutory fee of £120.00 is payable to Sunderland City Council if the building is within Sunderland Registration District.

Once the information is received by Sunderland Register Office it will be forwarded to the General Register Office for authorisation. Once the General Register Office has certified the building for worship and marriage, Sunderland Register Office is required to advertise the new place of worship in the local newspaper.

We will then return a certificate of registration to the applicant.

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