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Carers Emergency Planning

Carers can often worry about what would happen in an emergency, if they had to go into hospital or are called away to care for another family member in crisis. A good way to do this is to draft your own Emergency Plan.

A Carer's Emergency Plan(CEP) is a document containing vital information about what the carer does for the person they look after. The plan should ensure that vital help and support for the cared for person continues to be provided.

If carers face an emergency they need to know that replacement care will get sorted out speedily and efficiently. For many, this may simply involve contacting a family member, friend or neighbour who is willing to cover in an emergency

If the person you care for has a Care and Support Plan, or if you have your own Carers Support Plan these should include a contingency. Speak to your Social Worker, Assessment and Review officer or the Carers Centre for more information.

As well as having your own Carer's Emergency Plan you can also request a Carer's Emergency Card. This is a credit card sized card that you can carry in your purse or wallet. It will identify you as a carer and holds a number to be contacted on your behalf in case of emergency.

If you need guidance on writing your own CEP to contact Sunderland Carers Centre.

For more information about the Carers Emergency Card you can contact Sunderland Carers Centre.

Find out further information about the Care and Support Plan.

Find out further information about the Carers Assessment.



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