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Moving Home - Project Completion

Logo's of Sunderland City Council, Newcastle City Council, North East Lincolnshire Council, Watford Borough Council and Kirklees Council

We've come to the end of our project looking at the challenges residents face when reporting a change of address to a council.  Since we submitted our bid in November 2018, we've been working with four councils to explore the problem. 

What have we done 

Some of the things we've done as part of the discovery project are

  • User research and engagement
  • Data and statistics fact finding
  • Process mapping
  • User journey mapping

What have we learned

As is user journey map

We have learned that there is a compelling case for change, particularly around the customer experience and the digital offer. We found that residents who were reporting a change of address were often frustrated that they had to contact a council more than once.  Also, having to report a change of address by telephone or face to face was viewed as an inconvenience by some residents as council opening hours didn't fit in with their busy lifestyles.  You can read more about what we found on our Local Digital project web pages.

We also learned that collaborating with partners based in different part of the country can be a challenge, but using tools support collaboration such as Trello and Google Drive can make collaboration easier.

Next steps

We've now submitted our business case and user research report.  In our business case we our recommended a potential solution to the problem

To create a 'platform' to capture information. The platform would integrate with systems that provide API's / methods of integration.  The solution only integrates with systems where possible, where it is relatively straightforward, where integration has been proven and is cost effective.  Where integration isn't possible, a form would be created to notify the back office of the change. 

We are expecting some feedback from Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government on our project.  We are keen to address the issues that we discovered during this phase of the project so we'll definitely be making changes to that will improve the experience for residents.  We'll share any future progress on this blog.

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