You can pay for your parking by mobile, phone or app at various locations in Sunderland.

And, if you're away from your car for longer than expected, you don't need to return to the meter to pay for extra parking time... you can just 'Phone and Pay' for more time.

For a small extra charge, we'll send you a text to remind you when your ticket is about run out.


How to register

Register for phone and pay

You can change your details at any time by logging into  Phone and Pay register 

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How to use the service

Once registered, you just need to login to the app on your mobile, telephone 0191 500 0306 or login to Phone and Pay

Key in the following details:

  • Location number for the car park or on street parking
  • Your time in minutes
  • The three digit security code for your registered payment card

Alternatively, you can text these details to 0778 620 7708.

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Fees and charges

In addition to your parking fee, you will be charged the following amounts for using this service:

Service Charge per 'Phone and Pay' transaction20p
Optional confirmation text message15p
Optional reminder text message15p

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Locations and location codes where phone and pay is available

LocationLocation No.LocationLocation No.LocationLocation No.
Boughton Street2906High Street West2920Norfolk Street2915
Bridge Street2917High Street West (North)2936Olive Steet2932
Burdon Road2927High Street West car park2924Saint Thomas Street2933
Charles Street2909John Street2930Tatham Street2910
Civic Centre2900Kayll Road2938Toward Road2921
Derwent Street2928Laura Street2918Toward Road (East)2929
Foyle Street2913Livingstone Road2923Tunstall Terrace2934
Frederick Street2914Marine Walk car park2925Tunstall Terrace West2935
Gorse Road2912Murton Street2931Villiers Street2919
Green Terrace2922Newcastle Road2937West Sunniside2916
Harbour View car park2926Nile Street2907West Wear Street2908

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