In September 2018 Chief Officer Group (COG) gave approval for a project to commence with regards to a Lone worker system across the whole authority to help reduce risk to employees.

A pilot took place using a system already in use for in Customer Service Network, this system is Jontek. Jontek already had mobile and GPS capability and a Lone Worker module. The Jontek system is monitored 365 days a year, 24 hours a day and is robust with comprehensive Business Continuity processes with 3 servers across 3 sites, one of which is outside of the council network.

The successful pilot commenced 19th November 2018 with teams from Customer Service Network, Occupational Therapists, Children's Emergency Duty team and Health and Safety.

All of the systems operated by CSN comply with the GDPR requirements.

The risks faced by our lone workers range from very low to high and therefore the protection measures required are quite varied.

Jontek and its associated mapping platform Oysta, allow multiple devices and options. The Health and Safety team will work with all service areas to identify numbers of lone workers and assist in the development of risk assessment and control measures, also advise on the most suitable risk assessment and control measures and protection devices.