Purchasing the 'Exclusive Right of Burial' gives the purchaser control over further burials in the grave should space allow, and over any memorials that may be placed on the grave (following submission of an application to Sunderland City Council and approval being granted).

The Exclusive Right of Burial does not grant ownership of the land.

The period of the Exclusive Right of Burial is 50 years for cremated remains graves or 100 years for full graves.

The grave owner is bound by the Cemetery and Crematorium Regulations, and is responsible for maintaining the grave and any memorial in a safe condition.

The registered owner of the grave can transfer ownership to another person by completing a Form of Assignment. The Cemetaries will amend the Grave Register on receiving the completed  form.

Where the registered owner is deceased and the ownership of the grave has not been bequeathed in a Will, then another person may claim ownership of the grave. This is achieved by completion of a Statutory Declaration, which sets out the reasons why the claimant is entitled to ownership of the grave.

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