Over Christmas, don't forget that nearly all of your food and drink packaging, tins, cans and bottles can be recycled in your blue recycling bin. And that'll leave a lot more room in your green household waste bin.

You can recycle all of your foil, plastic bottles and food packaging, food and drink cartons as well as your glass, cans and aerosols in the main body of your blue bin. Just make sure that the food and drink containers are rinsed out and don't contain any food.

Pizza boxes cannot be recycled, please put these in your green household waste bin. This is because of the grease residue that remains on the cardboard.

Dry cardboard can be flattened and placed in the main body of your blue bin.

Newspapers and magazines can be put into the black caddy within your blue bin for recycling.

Christmas cards

Glittery Christmas cards cannot be recycled. Please put these into your household rubbish bin.

Don't forget: the envelopes are recyclable. Just pop them into the black caddy in your blue recycling bin.

Wrapping paper

At the moment, we cannot recycle wrapping paper.

A lot of wrapping paper, especially the shiny metallic variety, is made from plastic and metal foil (or both) and once that gets into the waste paper stream it can cause serious problems.

The other big problem is sticky tape. There is usually lots of it left on Christmas wrapping paper when it goes into the bin and this will also contaminate the waste paper stream, causing the same problems as those caused by the metal or plastic foil.

Christmas pudding

If your pudding comes in a cardboard box or sleeve, you can drop the cardboard straight into your blue recycling bin.

If the pudding comes in a plastic bowl, give it a rinse and it can be recycled too (but we cannot recycle the plastic film on the top).

We cannot recycle metal foil containers, though, and if your pudding comes with a cardboard disc across the top then it's best not to recycle that. It will be too contaminated with fats and other foodstuffs and some might have a silver foil coating which cannot be recycled either.

Christmas trees

Christmas trees can be recycled during normal opening hours at our household waste and recycling centres.

If you can't get your tree to a recycling centre you can:

  • Place it into your brown garden waste bin ready for collection when brown bin collections start again in April
  • Book a bulky waste collection. Please note a £22.50 charge applies but as this covers up to six items you could club together with your neighbours and have six trees collected from one location for one charge, or have other items removed at the same time. Please note we will only remove items stated on your request.​

Too much recycling?

If you have extra recycling, please take your items along to one of the household waste and recycling centres , or a recycling centre at supermarkets and in car parks across the city.