Collection dates for Christmas and New Year 2019

Weeks commencing 23 and 30 December 2019:

Normal collection day

Revised collection day

Tuesday 24 December

Tuesday 24 December

Wednesday 25 December

Friday 27 December

Thursday 26 December

Saturday 28 December

Friday 27 December

Monday 30 December

Tuesday 31 December

Tuesday 31 December

Wednesday 1 January

Thursday 2 January

Thursday 2 January

Friday 3 January

Friday 3 January

Saturday 4 January

All collections will return to normal from Tuesday 7 January 2020.

Christmas recycling

A huge amount of household waste can easily be recycled, including drinks bottles and cans, cardboard boxes, glass jars, plastic bottles, paper and aerosols.

Plus you can also add wrapping paper tubes and sweet tins and tubs.

All of these items go straight in the main part of your blue recycling bin.

Items not on the list for recycling include Christmas cards, wrapping paper, batteries, polystyrene packaging and food waste.

Putting these items in your recycling bin will contaminate the whole load. Please don't put anything in plastic bags, as the bags can't be recycled and the items inside go to waste. Just put any recyclables straight in the blue bin.

Click here for more information on Christmas recycling

Household waste and recycling centres

Sunderland residents can use the household waste and recycling centres at Beach Street, Deptford or Campground at Springwell Village.

Both are closed on Christmas Day and New Year's Day, but open every other day.

You do not need a permit if you are driving a normal car with your own household waste and recycling.

Bulky waste collections

If you'd prefer the council to come and collect any excess rubbish from your home, you can book a bulky waste collection. 

There is charge of £22.50 for up to 6 items, surcharges may apply.

Book a bulky waste collection