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Uplift Associates - Digital for beginners

Who is this course for?

Adults with minimal digital skills who need to build confidence with their devices and learn the basics of IT and online safety.

What will I learn on the course?

This course focuses on the areas of everyday life that are impacted by the internet and the digital world. You will understand how to enrich your social life, stay safe online, and gain more awareness of the area and community. You will work on a range of activities, and focus on emails, understanding icons, toolbars, folders and shortcuts, online safety, social media, Zoom/Teams and applications that support your life, such as online banking, NHS and shopping.

How will I learn?

Your tutor will offer a range of activities, such as direct teaching, discussion and activities to develop your skills and knowledge as well as build your confidence. There will be a workbook to complete throughout that your tutor will look at and ask questions to observe your progress.

What next, after the course?

You will be more confident with digital devices and the internet; you could access a higher level digital course or an employability course.

How can I enrol?

Contact the Uplift Team for an informal discussion:


Phone: 0191 500 1233

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