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Apextra C.I.C - Kitchen Chemistry (Maths)

Who is this course for?

For parents/carers of children and would like to learn
about kitchen chemistry experiments and maths. This
course is for parents who can attend a family learning
course based in a school.

What will I learn on the course?

You will develop your understanding and learn how
to use everyday kitchen items and ingredients to
create science experiments. You will be able to embed
maths into the fun, and informative sessions, including
number, measurement, geometry, statistics, ratio and

How will I learn?

The course includes scientific experiments,
explanations, and challenges, whilst enabling you to
further develop your scientific knowledge and maths
skills. The sessions include a range of appropriate, agerelated experiments which include, custard bouncy
balls, popping candy, sweet science, Lava lamps,
elephant toothpaste, Fruit science, Oobleck, turn milk
into plastic and bath bombs.

What next, after the course?

You can progress onto an accredited English/maths
course or enrol on Creativity in Storytelling course.

How can I enrol?

Contact Denise Hepplewhite for an informal discussion.


Phone: 07747 832 225

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