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General information about Warm Homes Fund

  • Sunderland City Council's Warm Homes Fund programme is available to eligible local residents on a first-come-first-served basis between January 2023 and January 2024 subject ongoing availability of funding.
  • Qualifying applicants processed after the 135 limit has been reached will be placed on a waiting list for future reference and will be contacted should additional funding become available.  
  • The agreement to install heat pumps and insulation measures in your home is made between you (the qualifying owner-occupier or the private landlord of the qualifying tenant) and 0800 Repair, and not with Sunderland City Council.
  • If the applicant's property is located in a Conservation Area planning guidance may be required prior to Air Source Heat Pump installation. 

Sunderland City Council's Warm Homes Fund programme is part funded through National Grid's £150m Warm Homes Fund, administered by Community Interest Company Affordable Warmth Solutions, and only available through Local Authorities. The programme is also part-funded by ECO4 provided via EON, Utilita and 0800 Repair. ECO4 Flex declarations for Warm Homes Fund are provided by Sunderland City Council.

Special Terms and Conditions for Private Landlords

  • The tenant of the private landlord qualifies for a WHF grant (not the Landlord) and must provide evidence of the required £31,000 or less gross household income.
  • If the tenant's gross household income and the EPC on the property qualifies for a WHF grant, then it is the private landlord who agrees and permits the installation. Accordingly, the private landlord must provide evidence of property ownership and submit a letter granting permission to install. 
  • Following the installation of a heat pump in a private rented property the landlord should not increase the rent on the property to the resident tenant for at least one year after the date of installation.   
  • Where a heat pump is recommended by 0800 Repair, dependent on specific characteristics of the property, private landlord applications are subject to two different funding outcomes:
  1. If 0800 Repair qualify the property as eligible under ECO4 funding regulations, then all measures are installed free of charge to the tenant and the private landlord.
  2. If 0800 Repair qualify the property under Warm Homes Fund/ Boiler Upgrade Scheme funding regulations, then a maximum landlord Air Source Heat Pump contribution of £1000 is payable (approx. 10% of total value). 0800 Repair will request this private landlord payment in advance of the agreed installation. 


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