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What happens after I have qualified for a Warm Homes Fund heat pump?

Step 1 - Household income eligibility check, technical survey of property and recommendations

  • 0800 Repair will arrange to visit your property. 
  • They will request proof of gross household income and conduct a technical assessment of your property. 
  • Only 0800 Repair can decide if your property is technically suitable for a heat pump.  If it is suitable, they may suggest you also invite a visit from Green Doctors who will help make sure you make the most of all the potential benefits of a heat pump compared to electric storage heaters.   
  • If you have had a gas meter in your property before April 2022 - 0800 Repair may be able to offer gas central heating to a limited number of households where a heat pump is not suitable.   
  • 0800 Repair may ask you to complete an application for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme. This is a simple process which provides a £5000 government grant towards the cost of the heat pump.  For more details on Boiler Upgrade Scheme please see Apply for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme: Overview - GOV.UK (
  • Heat pumps need to be installed into fully insulated properties. If your property is not fully insulated 0800 Repair will advise what insulation is required before installation of a heat pump can go ahead.       
  • You can check if your home could be suitable for a heat pump here Check if a heat pump could be suitable for your home - GOV.UK (
  • If you are unsure about heat pumps and would like to discuss in more detail, please contact Green Doctors on 0191 567 2550 or email the council at

Step 2 - Will I need to pay any costs?  

  • Owner occupiers that qualify for Warm Homes Fund will receive all insulation measures and the heat pump (or gas central heating) FREE of charge.
  • However, there may be instances where minor remedial cosmetic works (e.g. redecoration) are required. These costs are the responsibility of the householder.  
  • Where privately rented properties are eligible for Warm Homes Fund, in some cases the Private Landlord of a qualifying tenant may be required to pay a £1000 contribution (approximately 10%) towards the cost of the heat pump (see below)There may also be instances where a Private Landlord will receive all measures free of charge. 
  • It is important to note that Sunderland City Council review all Warm Homes Fund applications submitted by 0800 Repair. On this basis, and in their capacity as a PAS2035/ECO4 accredited contractor, 0800 Repair will recommend the best possible funding solution for each private landlord application and the council will validate this before approving the installation. Therefore, if a private landlord is requested to pay a contribution it is because of technical funding regulations which will be fully explained at the point of application by 0800 Repair.       

Step 3 - Installing your insulation and heat pump

  • 0800 Repair will agree a convenient date with the householder to install recommended insulation measures and the heat pump. 
  • Installation of insulation measures is dependent on the type of insulation being installed but typically takes less than one day.
  • In the unlikely event that internal or external solid wall insulation is recommended the installation process could take several days and in the case of internal solid wall insulation could also be disruptive. Any redecoration costs incurred during this process would not be covered by Warm Homes Fund, the contractor, or Sunderland City Council.
  • For more information about the installation of a heat pump and many other frequently asked questions about heat pumps please see Air Source Heat Pumps Installation & Services | 0800 Repair or A guide to air source heat pumps - Energy Saving Trust)
  • All heat pumps funded by Warm Homes Fund or ECO4 by 0800 Repair include manufacturer's warranty and an 0800 Repair installation and aftercare warranty. Please contact 0800 Repair for full details. 

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