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What are the potential benefits of replacing my electric storage heaters with an air source heat pump?

Air Source Heat Pumps are a proven central heating technology that can significantly cut electric heating bills and carbon emissions.

Currently there are 250,000 air source heat pumps heating homes across the UK.  In 2020 the government announced plans to support the installation of over 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028.        

Sunderland City Council's Warm Homes Fund programme aims to help eligible, local residents who currently use electric storage heaters to switch to a new, fully-funded, high efficiency, air source heat pump. 

For impartial information about air source heat pumps and the significant cost savings they can bring to properties currently heated by electric storage heaters please see A guide to air source heat pumps - Energy Saving Trust.

When installed and used correctly in a well-insulated property an air source heat pump will significantly reduce the running cost compared to electric storage heating.

Based on July 2023 electricity prices the potential bill savings of replacing old electric storage heaters with a heat pump in an average sized, 3-bedroom semi-detached home is £1100per year.     

By replacing newer electric storage heaters with a heat pump in the same sized property electricity bill savings are estimated to be £830per year.

Heat pump central heating systems are easy to use and control and ensure every room in the house is kept at the required temperatures at the right time of day or night.   

*estimated savings from Energy Saving Trust (A guide to air source heat pumps - Energy Saving Trust)

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