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Key Priority: Create motivation and awareness:  everyone sees why using the internet could be relevant to them (necessity, financial, health, social, etc) to Go Online 

Digital inclusion is not about digital, it is about inclusion. Internet access is an essential household item, equal to having heating and running water in your home. It is a part of everyday life. We all use the internet daily to tackle many challenges and inequalities they face. Being online means having access to:

  • cheaper goods
  • travel and transport
  • services and utilities
  • benefits and financial support
  • higher educational grades
  • employment opportunities and better paid jobs
  • self-management tools for long-term health conditions
  • easier ways to deal with the council and government departments  

Unfortunately, people who have never been online do not realise that they are worse off.

Digital Inclusion benefits and reasons for residents to Go Online  

  • 'Access to the internet' provides instant access to information to help manage and improve your physical and mental health. 
  • People are able to remain at home longer, with 'assistive technologies' helping people to retain their independence. 
  • Access to better 'jobs' with higher paid rates - workers with digital skills earn more money than workers who don't have any digital skills.
  • People can 'connect better' with friends and family, reducing isolation and loneliness.
  • People can sort out essential tasks anywhere at any time (e.g. booking GP appointments, banking, paying bills, etc)
  • If you are 'studying' for an exam at school, college or university 'you have access to a 24/7 library.
  • 'Save money', because it is easier to find better value deals tailored to your circumstances.
  • Getting around on public transport is simpler: residents can find out what bus they need, track its location and when it will be at the bus stop, meaning less chance of getting caught out by the weather.
  • Search for a 'new home', pay rent, report repairs, claim housing benefit or council tax discount. 

These are just a few examples of why Going Online is better.   

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