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Northern Rights - Digital Confidence Byte 1

Who is this course for?

For those who want to start using a computer/laptop and to learn how to do this safely using a mouse and other shortcuts along with keyboard skills.

What will I learn on the course?

How to safely use a computer, mouse and keyboard. A perfect course if you are new to using a computer/laptop or just need to refresh your skills.

How will I learn?

Your tutor will support you to set appropriate targets at the start of the course to guide your learning. They will offer a range of activities, such as direct teaching, discussion and tasks to develop your skills and knowledge. Throughout the course your tutor will assess you by looking at your work, asking questions and observing as you join in with discussions.

What next, after the course?

You could progress onto an English or maths course,
further digital skills courses or access employability

How can I enrol?

Get in touch with Paula McGuire or Jonny Hastings for more information

Email: /

Phone: 07715 403 319 / 0191 466 1095

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