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How we will get there

Next Steps

During the financial year 2020/21 we will:

  • Deliver a redesigned and rebranded website
  • Review and improve the content on our website ensuring it is accessible to all
  • Improve how our residents access Council Services by launching a mobile app
  • Personalise the service we deliver to residents by offering a new My Account service for residents
  • Reduce the number of times residents need to report things to the Council by adopting a 'Life Events' approach for changing address and reporting a death

Measures of success

  • Customer satisfaction/feedback levels increase/improve
  • Increase in digital transactions and residents finding information they need first time
  • Reduction in the number of residents reporting the same issue multiple times to the Council
  • ?% of residents sign up to a My Account
  • Fully compliant with WCAG 2.1

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