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Help and advice during the Covid-19 pandemic

We know that the Covid-19 outbreak will have serious impacts on the lives of victims and children. We fully recognise the enhanced risk and hardship that restrictions are putting upon those in abusive and controlling relationships and are working hard to develop solutions.

Unfortunately, home is not a safe place for everyone. Partner agencies are making every effort to keep crisis services as accessible as possible to those who need them, whilst following Government guidelines and keeping staff and service users safe.

Try and keep a mobile phone with you at all times if possible. The police are a key service when in immediate danger. Do not be afraid to call 999 in an emergency.

Familiarise yourself with the Silent Solution system. This is a system for victims of domestic abuse who might be afraid of further danger and escalation of harm if they are overheard when calling 999 in an emergency. When somebody calls 999, an operator will ask which emergency service is required. If the caller is unable to audibly signal to the operator, the call will be forwarded to an operating system. If 55 is pressed by the caller, the system will detect this. The operator will then transfer the call to the relevant police force as an emergency.

National helplines, email, text and live chat support services, and local specialist services, are all currently open for business as usual, although their delivery is likely to have to adapt over the coming weeks as new and innovative ways are found to safely contact and support victims and children.

Information about the help, support and a summary of useful helplines is available in the Living with domestic abuse during the Covid-19 pandemic (PDF) document. This is aimed at victims, those causing harm and the local community.

There is also a summary of helplines on where to get help and support in Northumbria during the Covid-19 pandemic (PDF).

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