Social distancing has been followed by the City Council's Cabinet at its latest meeting.

Speaking about COVID-19 and curbs to help fight the virus, Leader of Sunderland City Council, Councillor Graeme Miller said:

"The curbs and restrictions have been issued because they are important. We will all be aware of how events have unfolded in other parts of Europe.

"Everybody must now be aware of the measures they must be taking, please heed the advice and keep up to date with the news that is being broadcast. Following the guidelines mean we can limit the spread of the virus by taking very easy steps.

"Do not think they do not apply to you, because they do. They apply to all of us.

"As a council, we are keeping essential front-line services operating, there are household waste collections, and care staff going the extra mile.

"We are following Government advice, as are council staff, and councillors.

"Thousands of people across Sunderland, hundreds of thousands across our region, and millions across the country are heeding these messages. It's very important that people think about the consequences of their actions, their movement and their activity.

"We have shut down museums and galleries and other public buildings, and leisure centres.

"The whole situation is, as we are being reminded, and as everybody is seeing and hearing, unprecedented, extraordinary and all the measures needed are absolutely necessary.

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the public servants across Sunderland and everyone across the country who is going above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that services continue to function and that the vulnerable are looked after.

"We all need to follow the advice, think of others and we will get through this."