A new household recycling centre could be developed in Pallion.

A decision to begin more detailed development work for a major new household waste and recycling centre is before Sunderland City Council's Cabinet when it meets on Tuesday 17 September.

The identified site for the new Household Waste and Recycling Centre (HWRC) is at Pallion Industrial Estate. It would replace the existing centre at Beach Street in Deptford.

As part of the City Council's budget setting in 2018, £5m was allocated for the Pallion works and a mini-recycling centre in the Coalfields area.

Both sets of works are part of the £1.5bn package of city-wide public and private sector investment projects that are planned in Sunderland over the next five years, including half-a-billion in the city centre.

Councillor Amy Wilson, the City Council's Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport, and a Pallion Ward member, said: "The council has been looking at a new site for several years because Beach Street has reached its capacity and, as the Cabinet report says, it is 'no longer fit for purpose'.

"We have studied other locations, looking at current demand, possible demand in the future, and traffic movements now and what could happen in the future, such as with the opening of the new Sunderland Strategic Transport Corridor dual carriageway into the city centre. We now have this decision before us when Cabinet meets."

Beach Street is open seven days a week and only closes on Christmas and New Year's Day. It has longer opening hours during British Summer Time as it regularly sees more people using it in spring and summer as people clear away clutter, get on with DIY, or are out in the garden more.

It has around 40,000 visits annually and collects around 17,000 tonnes of plastic, wood, rubble, garden waste, redundant electrical appliances, such as white goods or televisions. About 60 per cent of all the waste that is delivered to the Beach Street is recycled.

The remainder is sent for power generation. It is anticipated that the new site will help increase the amount of household waste recycled, reduce congestion and more user friendly for residents.

Cllr Wilson added: "Beach Street site has been in operation since the late 1970s. The council has made many improvements over the years to the site and yet we recognise that we must look to provide a more efficient and bigger site with better facilities and opportunities to recycle and re-use more waste materials.

"That is the decision we are looking to take when the Cabinet meets - a new and more updated site at Pallion and a mini-centre for residents in the Coalfield area. That site will make it more convenient for residents who currently have to travel into the city centre to dispose of their bulky waste."

The report to Cabinet outlines that planning applications could be made next year and the Pallion site, subject to the decision-making process, could be open to the public in early 2021.

The report also outlines that the council is looking to begin its competitive tendering for a new management contract to run the site. The current one is due to expire next year.