The City Council is continuing to work with partners including the Fire Service, the Environment Agency, Northumbria Police and Public Health England on the response to the fire at the abandoned Alex Smiles recycling plant in Deptford which started on Monday evening.

We are continuing to closely monitor the situation, incuding air quality equipment to monitor the smoke from the fire.

In the meantime the advice from Public Health England remains to: 

- Keep doors and windows closed.

- Residents in areas affected by the smoke should stay indoors, keep their doors and windows closed, and tune in to the local radio station for advice and information.

- Motorists who have to travel through the smoke should keep windows closed, turn off air conditioning and keep their air vents closed.

- It's important that local residents understand that the risks to their health are low, however because any smoke is an irritant, it can make people's eyes and throat sore.

- People with asthma and other respiratory conditions may be particularly susceptible to the smoke and should carry and use their medication (such as inhalers) as usual. The general advice therefore remains that if possible people should try to remain out of the smoke.

- If you have any concerns about the smoke's impact on your health please call your GP surgery for advice or contact the NHS 111 service.

- During the day, if smoke is visible outside, please stay indoors and keep windows and doors closed.


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