The Great Active Sunderland Schools Charter  was launched in September 2015 to coincide with Ofsted implementing a new Common Inspection Framework which, for the first time, includes a judgement on personal development, behaviour and welfare.

The Charter has been developed as an improvement tool and to give credit to those key features of a school that are not always reflected in performance tables i.e. health and wellbeing of pupils, sport and physical activity opportunities and community involvement.

It measures a school's performance over four key areas that include Education, Sport, Physical Activity and key Community standards. Levels of achievement are measured through a Gold, Silver and Bronze accreditation and are recognised by both the Education Leadership Board and Health and Well-Being Board.

Since the launch of this unique accreditation programme in 2015 - 2016, the Great Active Sunderland School Charter has been an incredible success, with 69 schools achieving either bronze, silver or gold standard.

It is free for schools to apply for the Great Active Sunderland School Charter and to make the process easier schools can now apply online. In addition to help schools further a set of frequently asked questions have been produced along with GASSC 2018-19 example survey answers.

For further infromation contact or telephone: 0191 561 4692.