Skin piercing / Tattooing / Electrolysis licence

If you offer tattooing, semi-permanent skin colouring, cosmetic piercing, or electrolysis you must be registered as 'an individual'

If you work from premises, they must also be registered.

It is illegal to tattoo young people under the age of 18. You must be at least 18 years before you can have a tattoo. It is illegal for anyone to have a tattoo under 18 even with parental consent.

Body piercing on a young person under the age of 18 will require consent from their parent or legal guardian.

Once issued, registrations remain valid as long as the premises is used for the practice of acupuncture, tattooing, ear piercing, cosmetic piercing or electrolysis. However, once registered you must inform us of any changes to the details provided.

Members of the public should only use registered premises and practitioners, and ask for proof of registration before beginning a procedure.

Application fee.

The fees for registration to carry out tattooing, piercing, acupuncture or electrolysis are as follows:

Premises £156.06

Person £52.02

Apply for a licence to carry out acupuncture, tattoing, ear piercing or electrolysis

Apply to change an existing licence to carry out acupuncture, tattoing, ear piercing or electrolysis

Will 'tacit consent' apply?

If you do not hear from us within 28 days, you have the legal right to assume that your notification is successful.

However, if you have not heard from us within 14 days of submitting your application, we request that you contact our City and neighbourhood team.

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