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Getting married abroad

You should first check with the authorities of the country in which you are getting married to find out what legal preliminaries are needed.

You may also have to produce a 'Certificate of No Impediment' in order for your marriage to go ahead.

A Superintendent Registrar may take notice of marriage for a UK national to marry any other UK national, foreign national or Irish national. In this instance, a UK national is defined as a British citizen, a British Overseas Territories citizen, a British National (Overseas), a British Subject under the British Nationality Act 1981 or a British Protected Person.

Please be aware that the 'Certificate of No Impediment' issued may:

  • Be valid for only a limited period abroad
  • Need to be translated into the language of the country of the marriage
  • Need legalising by the Embassy of the country concerned here or by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office
  • Need to exchanged in the foreign country at the British Consulate for a consular certificate

All of these possibilities are things you will need to confirm and act on accordingly otherwise your marriage may not be allowed to proceed, or if proceeded with may not be recognised by foreign or UK authorities.

For further information please contact the Life and family team.


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