The Corporate Plan 2016-2020 is the council's overarching strategic plan for the years 2016/2017 to 2019/2020.

The Corporate Plan 2016-2020 comprises the following sections:

  • Corporate Plan: Introducing the Plan and its role
  • At a glance - key priorities: The council's priority areas
  • At a glance - key actions: The basis of corporate strategic management and performance arrangements
  • Sunderland: Overview of the city's on-going transformation
  • Transforming the Council: The council's approach to Government budgetary challenges
  • Our journey to 2020: The council's changing role in helping residents, communities and businesses prosper
  • Key priorities explained: Details in respect of Regenerating the City, Safeguarding our Residents and Future Council
  • Sunderland Toolkit: Interventions and opportunities available to the council.

The Corporate Plan is a key element of the council's Performance Management Framework.

The Corporate Delivery Plan manages the progress of actions within the Corporate Plan 2016-2020. It identifies actions, milestones, measures and accountabilities for each of the key actions identified in the Corporate Plan. The Corporate Delivery Plan provides the basis for the council's performance management arrangement, applied through the monthly Performance Clinics process and quarterly reporting to Scrutiny and Cabinet.

The Corporate Delivery Plan is supported by Service Plans for each Head of Service's area of responsibility. Service Plans break down relevant Corporate Delivery Plan key actions into specific activities which are managed at a service level.

The Corporate Plan, Corporate Delivery Plan and Service Plan structure creates clear "golden threads" of responsibility and accountability from the council's strategic priorities to service activity and vice-versa.