The City Council, through the Core Strategy and Development Plan, are proposing to bring forward a new growth area between Doxford Park, Tunstall and Ryhope known as South Sunderland Growth Area (SSGA).

The SSGA has the potential to accommodate 2800-3300 new homes over the next 15-20 years and meet 20% of the city's future housing need, providing much needed family and executive housing within a high quality environment and setting.

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SSGA has 4 development sites, Chapelgarth, Land North of Burdon Lane, Cherry Knowle and South Ryhope.

The scale of development will result in a significant increase in the population of South Sunderland. Therefore there is a need to ensure provision of the supporting infrastructure. This is likely to comprise a new primary school, a local centre, community/cultural facilities, open space, woodlands, cycleways and footpaths and the completion of the Ryhope Doxford Link Road.

SSGA was first identified in the Draft Core Strategy and Development Management Policies Document 2013. This was further discussed during public consultation in Summer 2015 when the council undertook two public consultation events to raise awareness of the councils plans for the area. Comments received have been taken on board and have informed the preparation of a masterplan/ Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) and Infrastructure Delivery Study (IDS) of the area.

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The SPD/ Masterplan

  • seeks to coordinate potential development proposals to ensure creation of a sustainable community, in a good quality built and natural environment, with accessible local services that reflect the community's needs and support its health and well-being

  • ensures the cumulative impacts of the development proposal are considered, including infrastructure provision and environmental protection requirements

  • includes design parameters and principles to ensure a high standard of design and sustainability


  • identifies the overall infrastructure requirements for SSGA and provides a broad strategy to deliver this within the area. This would include; a new primary school, extension to two nearby existing primary schools, a local centre, leisure facilities, community/cultural facilities, over 50 hectares of greenspace, woodlands, allotments, extensive cycleways and footpaths and the completion of the Ryhope Doxford Link Road

  • Extensive survey work and evidence has been undertaken to inform the draft SPD. A Sustainability Appraisal (SA) has been undertaken that fulfils the requirements of the SEA Directive, but also ensures that the social and economic impacts of the draft SPD are fully understood and a Habitat Regulations Assessment (HRA) that responds to the Habitat Directive has also been prepared. The HRA has informed the approach being taken forward in the draft SPD.

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