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Moneywise Credit Union

Sunderland City Council has partnered with Moneywise Credit Union, to bring affordable credit and secure savings to Sunderland residents and employees.

We have shared a range of financial support measures during the Covid-19 crisis and we know that it has been challenging for many residents. The Credit Union offers an ethical affordable way to access loans to help borrow wisely or start saving to be prepared for the future.

Join now Moneywise credit union   

Moneywise is the biggest Credit Union in the North East and has been in business for almost 30 years, offering a more local and ethical alternative for saving and lending.

Moneywise offer a range of loans and interest rates ranging from personal loans, pay day loans, saving plans, including payroll deductions.

Residents in Sunderland can join Moneywise credit union now - there's no joining fee. If you work for Sunderland City Council, Sunderland Care and Support or Together for Children, you can join Moneywise credit union  through the employee partnership to access payroll deduction and start saving straight away.


In recent times one thing that has become clearer than ever is that having a savings cushion really helps when something unexpected happens. You can save as little as £1 a week and access the savings at any time to withdraw. Starting to put something aside now could make a real difference. Moneywise has some helpful frequently asked questions at Moneywise FAQ's about saving with a Credit Union.


Remember, we have a whole host of Financial support and money advice available but if you do need to borrow, whether that's short or long term, a Credit Union is an ethical way to access affordable credit. Moneywise has a handy calculator, Moneywise Loans, to work out repayments and a range of different loan products available including their Family Loan.

The Family Loan product allows families or individuals in receipt of child benefit to have a loan of up to £500 from the Credit Union without having a credit check - conditional upon child benefit being paid directly from the DWP to the Credit Union.

The Illegal Money Lending Team (IMLT) supports Credit Unions as a safe and secure place for people to save and borrow. Find out more on their website Stop loan sharks.

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