You can use the Planning Online Search Facility to access details of Planning Applications received by the council since 1 April 1974.

It includes the:

  • Planning Register
  • Decision Register
  • Appeal Register
  • Enforcement Register

Copyright notice, terms and conditions

The system allows users to search, select, view and submit comments on current planning applications to the council via the internet.

It enables members of the public, councillors and other vested interest groups to interact with the planning process at a time and place that suits them.

It also allows applicants and agents to track and monitor the progress of their application online.

The plans and documentation published on these pages are protected by Copyright.

You may use material that is downloaded or printed for consultation on current Planning Applications only.

Further copies must not be made without expressed consent of the copyright owner.

Please note: This site gives you access to all planning applications received by the council since April 1974. However, some of the mapping information is still under development.

If you require a full planning history for a property, we advise you to use the street gazetteer to search for applications. The Ordnance Survey based mapping we use is for illustrative purposes only and is not indicative of ownership or legal title.

The online decision notices are direct copies of the actual decision notices, prior to signature. Although the online versions do not have a signature, the information contained within them is equally as binding as the originals.

All scanned documents will be available five days from the date they become valid.

pdf icon User Guide [1Mb] to the Public Access System

If you accept the conditions above, you may proceed to the Simple Search facility to find applications, appeals, comments and enforcements, and submit comments.

If you know the application reference or other specific details, you may use the advanced search to: