The Riverside Sculpture Trail takes you from Wearmouth Bridge to Roker seafront

Roam the Riverside Sculpture Trail from Wearmouth Bridge to Roker seafront and see various pieces of public art whilst walking through the heart of the mining and shipyard heritage of Sunderland.

The Sculpture Trail which runs along the final part of the C2C was created over a decade from 1991 to 2001 by sculptor Colin Wilbourn and writer Chaz Brenchley. Colin and Chaz worked with the residents of Sunderland to create this trail which brings together Sunderland's past and present.

Local people played a significant part in the making of the trail for instance around the plinth of 'Shadows in Another Light' are plaques showing the history of Sunderland, including the Lambton Worm, which were created in workshops by blind and partially sighted people.

The trail includes a 'shadow' of a hammerhead crane which was unique to Sunderland shipyards, 'Taking Flight' which shows a Cormorant taking flight in five stages, a collection of massive stone books outside the University Library which refer to Bede and the Great Library of St Peter's called 'Pathways to Knowledge' and a series of three doors called 'Passing Through' which represent past, present and future, only the present door you may pass through.

How to get there:

View Riverside Sculpture Trail on Google Maps.