Books on Prescription is a scheme to help patients manage and cope with their health problems by providing access to self help books and related information.

The scheme is available to those with a range of mental health problems including dementia, stress, anxiety, phobias and self esteem issues. It also assists those dealing with substance misuse. The service also includes a collection of books specifically for young people age 13-18 years-old.

The books are also useful for families, friends and carers of those coping with these illnesses in helping them to fully understand their problems and to support their recovery.

How does it work?

  • Discuss the scheme with your GP and agree on an appropriate title from the recommended list
  • Your GP will fill in a prescription form
  • Take the form to any of Sunderland's public libraries where you will be issued with the book

Library membership is free and you may wish to borrow other library books.

Who has compiled the recommended list of titles?

There are thousands of self-help books available, therefore we have researched approved lists that have been compiled by health specialists in other areas of the country where the scheme is already proving a success.

Titles have been added to this with advice and guidance from the substance misuse service providers within Sunderland.

Where are the recommended titles available?

Recommended titles are available from any of Sunderland's public libraries.

If the book is being held in another library then staff will be able to request it for you.

Is the scheme confidential?

As with all visits to your GP, any discussions and treatments provided are 100% confidential. Library staff are also professional and will not discuss or divulge any information. All staff are fully trained in and to Sunderland City Council's Equal Opportunities Policy.

What now?

Speak to your GP about how the Books on Prescription scheme can help you.