The Scrutiny Committee supports the work of the Cabinet and the Council as a whole.

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Cllr Dianne Snowdon
Vice-Chair of the Scrutiny Coordinating Committee

Scrutiny at Sunderland City Council provides a service that supports the Council and its partners in enhancing the quality of life of all who live and work in the city by ensuring services are delivered effectively at a city-wide level and supporting improvement in council services, policies and performance.

The Committee works closely with council officers, external partners, voluntary and community groups and local people to ensure strong and consistent links are made between city-wide plans and the overarching commitments to improve accountability. It informs the development and delivery of improved public services at a city-wide level and undertakes reviews or investigations, making recommendations for development within the Council and also to partner organisations. Scrutiny is also key consultee on forthcoming Cabinet or Council decisions.

The scrutiny function operates a formal, overarching Co-ordinating Scrutiny Committee with a co-ordinating function in relation to the broad strategic issues which may fall within the remit of more than one service-based Scrutiny Committee.  In addition, three themed, service-based Scrutiny Committees have the role of scrutiny of service improvement within the broad Sunderland Partnership strategic priorities.

The membership of the Scrutiny Committee comprises the Chair, Vice Chair and 12 Scrutiny Members.