The Memorial Board is now located at the Royal Artillery Club, Mary Street, Sunderland, SR1 3NH. It is available for viewing by the public during opening hours which are 12.00noon to 11.00pm daily.

The Memorial Board was originally in the Venerable Bede Church until its demolition in 1963.  The Church which was in Monk Street, Monkwearmouth was the main parish church for the parish known as the Parish of the Venerable Bede.

The Memorial Board was originally dedicated on 11th September 1920 by Captain Edward Noel Mellish who was the first member of the Army Chaplains Department to win a Victoria Cross whilst serving in Ypres in April 1916.

The Memorial commemorates 161 people from the Monkwearmouth area who were killed in the Great War (World War 1) during the years 1914 to 1919.

The re-dedication Ceremony was held in the presence of HRH The Duke of Kent,  President of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission on Thursday 11 November 2010. 

Donations from relatives, supporters and The Sir Tom Cowie Charitable Trust funded the renovation.

The names on the board

John R Adamson
Lancelot Adamson
Henry Armstrong
Thomas Armstrong
Andrew Atkinson 
word icon William Atley (was misspelt Attley) [95kb]
John T Bailes
John W Baker
Charles Ball
John R Baxter
William Beavers
William Bell
Henry W Bellam
John W Benn
George Booth
William Boys
Frank Brack
John Bradley
William Brown
William Buckley
William Burns
Samuel Cable
Charles F Carter
John W Chapman
Frederick Clark
William Colling
Ernest Cooper
Joseph Cooper
Thomas Cooper
John Cowper
James W Crawford
William H Crinall
Henry G Cutter
James Cutter
Robert A Davison
Edward P Dennis
Stanley Dennis
William S Derby
Thomas Dixon
Thomas H Dobbs
William G Dobson
William C Dorans
George Dorward
Wallace Dorward
David Dryden
Herbert Egar
John G Feeney
Simon Fenwick
James Forsyth
George Foster
James Foster
George B Foulkes
James Foulkes
Ralph R Galley
Ralph Gardiner
Thomas Gardiner
George E Gibbon
James E Graham
Joseph Gray
James Grieveson
David S Hall
Ernest N Hall
William Hamilton
Robert Hanson
William Harris
Richard Harding
Robert Herdman
Percy Hills
Thomas Hope
Stanley Hopper
William J Hornsby
Frederick C Hull
Robert Hull
John W Humphrey (was misspelt Humphry)
Joseph W Hunter
John L Kennard
William S Kinnair
Robert W Knox
Clifford Landreth (was misspelt Landrath)
Ernest Landreth (was misspelt Landrath)
William Landreth (was misspelt Landrath)
James M Laws
Richard H Leach
Norman Lilly
Joseph Madden
Joseph Marsh
Arthur McBryde
William McDermot
William McDonald
word icon James McRoy [97kb]
John G McRoy
Adolphus Miller
James Miller
Thomas R Morrison
George E Noble
Herbert Noble
William A Oliver
Hugh F Orchard
George B Parrington
John W Parkington
Gertrude A Patrick
Henry Patrick
Alfred Pratt
James Preshaw
Henry S Procter
Ralph S Ramsey
William Reed
Frederick Reeve
Edward Reeves
James Richardson
John T Richardson
William Roberts
Hugh Robinson
John Robson
Lockie Robson
Edward Rosscamp
Stephen W Routledge
James W Rutherford 
John Sanderson
William Scorer
Andrew Scott
Archibald Scott
George Scott
Walter Scott
William F N Scott
John Sewell
Fredrick W Shaw
Sidney Shiel
Robert O Shield
Gerald Skillet
Mason Sloan
Albert Smith
George Smith
John W Smith
William Snowdon
Thomas Speed
John Spence
John W Stobart
James Storey
Thomas Straker
Thomas A Stuart
William L Sutherland
James E Swinhoe
John T Swinhoe
George W Tate
Ernest A Townsley
George Tulloch
David Urwin
John Vickerson
Richard Walters
James R Walton
Walter J Ward
William Wardle
James Watson
James Webster
Robert Wigham
John E Woodger
John W Yeo
Arthur Youern
William Youern
George C Young