Shelter North East provide a number of different services including information about issues affecting housing, debt or welfare benefits. Services are available for anyone to access.

We have support available to access the computers to search for property, make online benefit applications etc as well as being able to phone organisations to try to resolve issues. If the issue is more complex and you need advice then we have a team of specialist advisers who can provide advice with any housing or homelessness issues, money problems and housing related benefits queries. Additionally, our Legal team of solicitors are able to represent people at court and defend possession action if someone is being threatened with eviction as well as challenge certain decisions made about housing problems.

Telephone: 0344 515 1601
Shelter North East
140-150 Pilgrim Street
Newcastle upon Tyne

Shelter England
The Shelter website has some useful information to help stop you being evicted. Shelter also operates a Freephone helpline.
Telephone: 0808 800 4444