This Privacy Notice is for schools and other educational bodies to use. It refers recipients to the Department for Education's (DfE) LA and DfE websites to see how they will store and use personal learner data.

Schools, Local Authorities, the DfE and other educational bodies that process personal data about pupils are required by the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA) to issue a Privacy Notice to parents to inform them and their child/children of the purposes for which that personal data may be held and used.

If a request is made to view personal data: It is anticipated that staff, and young people who have the maturity to understand the nature and the implications of the request they are making and who have a general understanding of their rights under the Data Protection Act, should generally be able to request to see their personal information themselves under the Subject Access Provisions (S.7) of the Data Protection Act. For children under 12, their parents will generally act on their behalf. In every case, it will be for the school, as data controller, to assess whether the child is capable of understanding their rights under the Act, and the implications of their actions and so decide whether the parent needs to make the request on the child's behalf.

Action for all schools
The Privacy Notice must be issued to new learners at a school aged 13 and over and to the parents of new learners under the age of 13. It is not necessary to re-issue to learners who received the previous version. They can be issued by the school at the same time as other communications. For example:

  • As part of a school brochure or induction pack or in a school diary
  • Posted on the school's website or sent by email

How the personal data information is used:

pdf icon Privacy Notice - Local Authority use of data [12kb]

pdf icon Privacy Notice - DfE use of data [21kb]