The Sunderland Strategy sets out how the people who live, work and study in the city today would like to see Sunderland evolve by 2025, and how we will work together to achieve these goals.

It is a bold and aspirational vision for the city, building on Sunderland's great heritage and environment and the special characteristics of its people to create an even better future for everyone who chooses to be part of the city's life.

The city's residents and businesses were asked for their views on the city and how they want to see the city develop in the future, and the strategy describes how partners will respond to those views. It also sets out what will be done to make Sunderland attractive to people coming to live in the city. It is a strategy for everyone, produced by the Sunderland Partnership.

The Sunderland Partnership is the city's Local Strategic Partnership (LSP). It brings together the public, private, community and voluntary sectors to work together to achieve success, encourage improvement, and tackle and overcome problems for the benefit of all citizens now and in the future.

pdf icon The Sunderland Strategy 2008 - 2025 [1Mb]

pdf icon The Sunderland Strategy Summary 2008 - 2025 [363kb]

There are a range of related strategies and agendas that have also shaped and influenced the development of the Sunderland Strategy. They will continue to do so as we move to implementation and delivery under each priority. It is also the case, particularly in relation to sub regional and regional agendas, that the Sunderland Strategy will in turn help shape emerging and evolving strategies at these levels.

Local Strategies

pdf icon Local Area Agreement 2008 - 2011 [567kb]

Local Development Framework

pdf icon International Strategy [245kb]

pdf icon 50+ Strategy [322kb]

Partnership Community Development Plan

The Digital Divide

pdf icon The Sunderland Strategy 2008 - 2025 [1Mb]

Working Neighbourhoods Strategy

Main Strategies and Agendas at Regional and Sub Regional Level

pdf icon Regional Housing Strategy [1Mb]

pdf icon North East of England Regional Spatial Strategy [1Mb]

Local Transport Plan

Legislation and National Initiatives

pdf icon Review of Sub National Economic Develop and Regeneration [834kb]

Local Government and Public Involvement in Health Act 2007

Commission on Integration and Cohesion - Our shared future - Partnership in Public Services: An action plan for third sector involvement

pdf icon Sustainable Communities Act 2007 [64kb]

pdf icon Community Empowerment Action Plan [339kb]

Housing and Regeneration Act 2008