Sunderland Homelessness Forum (SHF) Steering Group is a membership of 4 representatives elected at the SHF Launch event on 31st July 2009, plus Homeless Link and a member of the City Council.

The group has been elected to progress the Forum's aims, which were identified as:

  • Developing partnerships
  • Increase service user engagement
  • Inform strategy and improve cross-sector service delivery for all people facing homelessness in Sunderland, with the overall aim being to end homelessness in Sunderland

The Steering Group have met a number of times since the launch event to look at how we can progress the key aims identified. In order to give value to any actions considered we feel that we need to actively involve service users in seeking their views. We know that different service users want to be involved in different ways.

We want to hear people's views on how best to engage with your service users, and to learn about good practice that is already happening around the city in order to promote and build on this. Our aim is to reach as many organisations and service users in Sunderland as possible and give the service users you work with a meaningful voice in influencing policy and practice around homelessness in Sunderland.

We want the forum to be able to share their information with each other, and to help to do this, we have added a link for any information you may want to share with others.  Should you have any information, any research or anything else you would like to share with the rest of the forum, you can forward the information to the Steering Group and this will be added.