Information below shows dates for key stage tests, and ages at which they are held. The Department for Education (DfE) publish key stage performance tables.

Find detailed information about all the key stages on The national curriculum webpages.

A timetable for GCE, GCSE and GNVQ/VCE exams can be obtained from AQA or Edexcel .

Requests for replacement of examination certificates
We receive regular requests for replacement of lost or mislaid certificates. These may be required by another educational establishment, a public or professional organisation, service authority, prospective employer or by the individual themselves.  

Initially, you should contact the school where the examinations were taken - the school may still hold the original certificate. If, however, the exam was taken a long time ago and the school no longer holds records, or the school is no longer in existence, you should contact the relevant examining board.

Your school should be able to provide the name of the examination board under which the examination was taken, even if records are no longer held there. 

The General Certificate of Education (GCE) was introduced in 1951. The GCE Ordinary level examination was held in each subsequent year up to and including 1987 and was replaced by the GCSE examinations in 1988. 

AQA holds information about past examination certificates and details the current arrangements of examination boards where amalgamations have occurred over time. Queries should be addressed to the appropriate board and their contact details are listed. 

Edexcel  provide a form to request a Replacement Certificate (for GCE issued from Summer 1988 or GCSE issued from Summer 1994), or Letter of Success (for older GCE or GCSE awards and CSE). You can also use the form to request a Statement of Performance which will be sent direct to an employer, college or institution.

Proof of Education
Occasionally we receive requests for proof that an individual attended a school within Sunderland. If you are unsuccessful in obtaining a replacement certificate try contacting Tyne and Wear Archives. They maintain a list of information on former Sunderland schools. 

These include Log Books, Admission Registers, Punishment Books, Managers/Governors Minutes, Photographs, Discharge Registers and a range of other information.

Tyne & Wear Archives Service
Blandford House
Blandford Square
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 4JA
Tel: 0191 277 2248