Sunderland City Council, in partnership with Nexus and Smarter Choices, is developing travel guides and information links to assist residents, businesses, and visitors in making informed choices about the way you wish to travel around the city and beyond.

Whether it be for work, access to local amenities or leisure facilities, easy access by local transport, electric vehicles, car share, walking or cycling is essential. For those who do not have a car or you just want to take the worry out of driving or finding available parking the travel links below will help with journey planning. If you require hard copies of these guides or require further information about travel planning as a business, resident or visitor please contact us.

Information links below can be used to assist your travel to and from home, work, business or leisure destinations.

Travel Information is a vital resource for use by residents, visitors, businesses and employees to travel to and from their desired destination.

  • Information to send, place on your websites or correspondence for employees, customers, visitors and deliveries and collections to plan their journeys ahead.
  • Businesses planning to move into the area to improve access and reduce parking demand on-site
  • Travel information for new employees as part of their induction pack
  • Sending information to potential employees for interviews
  • Reduce personal and business costs as well reduce your claims' processes
  • Considering alternative types of transport use
  • For guidance with on site Travel Planning

Nexus can provide: Tyne and Wear Public Transport Single or batch Journey Planning, Travel Discounts, Services, Timetables, Travel news and Information:

  • For all personal travel information
  • Student and school travel
  • Concessionary Travel
  • Business needs

For a free post code mapping facility to assess your employees travel needs, please contact us.