The following options are available if your planning application is refused:

1.  You can appeal against the decision by writing to the Planning Inspectorate. The appeal must be submitted within the following timescales:

  • Six months
  • Eight weeks for advertisement appeals
  • Twelve weeks for householder applications 

We inform objectors when an appeal is lodged. There is no additional right of comment on appeals, except on householder appeals, and there is no third party right of appeal in the decision of the local planning authority.

2.  You could contact the:

Customer Support Unit
The Planning Inspectorate
Room 3/15 Eagle Wing
Temple Quay House, 2 The Square
Temple Quay, Bristol
Phone: 0117 372 6372

You can use our planning applications online search facility to view details of appeals.

There are four different types of appeals:

  • Householder - Understanding and making Householder Appeals
  • Written representation - Both parties (yourself and the council), write a statement and send it to the Planning Inspectorate. An inspector will then assess the statements, visit the site and make a decision
  • Hearings - Both parties prepare statements, followed by a verbal discussion between the parties, which is led by the inspector
  • Public Enquiry - A lengthy procedure where-by both parties present their case verbally and each is cross-examined by the other

How to appeal

The appeal can only be submitted by or on behalf of the original applicant.

All appeals will need to detail relevant grounds and reasons why you disagree with the decision of the council. You will also be asked how you wish to proceed with the appeal. The approaches which can be taken are listed above. Your option will depend on the nature and scale of the development. However most appeals are determined using written representations.

When you submit your appeal to the Planning Inspectorate you must also send a copy to the authority along with copies of the following documentation:

  • Appeal certificate indicating who owns the land on which the development was to be carried out
  • A copy of your original application to the authority
  • A copy of the certificate of ownership stating who owned the land that you sent with the original planning application
  • Copies of all relevant documents, drawings and plans which were part of the original planning application
  • Copies of all relevant letters
  • Where applicable, a copy of the council's decision notice
  • A location plan

In case of appealing against non-approval of details, a copy of the original application for outline planning permission, the plan and the outline permission itself need to be included.

See the downloads below for new guidance booklets for Planning and Enforcement appeals.