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10 Jan 2018 - 14:00 to 00:00


Meeting Documents

  1. pdf Agenda Front (48Kb)
  2. Cabinet 10 Jan 2018 - Exempt
  3. pdf ITEM 01 Minutes 13 December 2017 Pt I (37Kb)
  4. pdf ITEM 04 Capital Programme Third Capital Review 2017-2018 (72Kb)
  5. pdf ITEM 05 Revenue Budget Third Review 2017-2018 (70Kb)
  6. pdf ITEM 06 Council Tax Base 2018-19 (34Kb)
  7. pdf ITEM 07 Revenue Budget 2018-2019 to 2020-2021 - Update and Provisional Revenue Support Statement (135Kb)
  8. pdf ITEM 08 Local Council Tax Support Scheme (55Kb)
  9. pdf ITEM 08a Local Council Tax Support Scheme - Appendix B Equality Analysis (79Kb)
  10. pdf ITEM 09 Northern Gateway Procurement and Appointment of Highways Operations (126Kb)
  11. pdf ITEM 10 Stockton Road Bridge Maintenance (45Kb)
  12. pdf ITEM 11 Highway Asset Management Policy and Strategy (44Kb)
  13. pdf ITEM 12 Burdon Park Park Road Proposed Junction Improvements (42Kb)
  14. pdf ITEM 12a Burdon Park Cycle Plan Appendix A Colour A3 (764Kb)
  15. pdf ITEM 12b Burdon Park Consultation Appendix B Colour A3 (304Kb)
  16. pdf ITEM 12c Burdon Park List of Principal Changes Appendix C (13Kb)
  17. pdf ITEM 12d Burdon Park Consult Comments and Responses Appendix D (29Kb)
  18. pdf ITEM 12e Burdon Park Equality Analysis Appendix E (173Kb)
  19. pdf ITEM 12f Burdon Park Sustainability Impact Appraisal Appendix F (12Kb)
  20. pdf ITEM 12g Burdon Park Junction Imps Risk Assessment Appendix G Colour A4 (170Kb)
  21. pdf ITEM 13 Bishopwearmouth Conservation Area Character Appraisal and Management Plan (35Kb)
  22. pdf ITEM 14 Solar PV Battery Demonstrator Project (97Kb)
  23. pdf ITEM 15 Youth Justice Plan 2017-2018 (43Kb)
  24. pdf ITEM 15a Youth Justice Plan 2017-2018 (534Kb)
  25. pdf ITEM 16 Proposals with regard to a Regional Adoption Agency (46Kb)
  26. pdf ITEM 17 The Tall Ships Races Sunderland 2018 (603Kb)
  27. ITEM 18 Minutes 13 December 2017 Pt II - Exempt
  28. pdf 18.01.10 Record of Executive Decisions Published 10 January 2018 (143Kb)
  29. pdf Minutes - 10 January 2018 - Part I (133Kb)
  30. Minutes - 10 January 2018 - Part II - Exempt


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